Project: Fitness Service Based on Full Body Tracking Suit
Goal: Creating a suit worth up to 200 USD and a fitness service based on it.
System Structure
1. Suit: IMU sensors, Raspberry Pi Zero with a Data Transmission Web Server
2. VR application:

  • Receiving data from server
  • Processing data from sensors
  • Suit Initialization
  • Displaying sensor-based real-time bone animation
  • Saving animation based on data from IMU sensors
  • Animating an avatar from saved data
  • Collecting and displaying detailed motion information (speed, number of calories burned, motion accuracy, breath and pulse control)
  • Collecting motion statistics and progress; developing recommendations on the program of classes; controlling health condition and emotional states
  • Developing correct motions and poses patterns by using machine learning
  • Comparing real-time user motions or poses with correct patterns by using machine learning and providing advices and clues
Svitlana Dudkevych - Project Manager and Yoga Instructor. Oleg Skuibida - Developer. Diana Skuibida - Martial Arts International Instructor
Contacts Phone: (1)-559-492-9067,


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